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Frequently Asked Questions about Eureka Snacks. Want to know more about the Eureka Snacks goodies available? This Eureka Snacks FAQ is the perfect place to start
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Q 1: How many popcorn flavours does Eureka Snacks offer?

A: Whilst Eureka Snacks dreams up new exciting flavours all the time, there are more than 20 flavours at the moment. All of these are available at dedicated Eureka Snacks stores. If you prefer ordering online, you can of course, since Eureka Snacks went virtual years ago. Incidentally, about 10 Eureka Snacks flavours are also available at the better supermarkets and convenience shops. Midnight craving and everything is closed? No worries, because the number of Eureka Snacks vending machines is on the rise too. Soon in a vending machine near you!

Q 2: Which Eureka Snacks product is flying off the shelves the fastest?

A: That's easy. Butter Caramel Popcorn, Dark Choc Popcorn, Cheese Popcorn and Tomato Popcorn flavours are the usual suspects, because evidently these never cease to be the #1 best-sellers. Hot on their heels followed by the new Eureka Snacks CuiCui Mini Popiah Rolls. And small wonder, because the CuiCui Mini Popiah Rolls are not only crunchy and yummy but they go well at any time of the day as well. But hey, don't take our word for it :)

Q 3: Arel Eureka Snacks halal?

A: Yes, all Eureka Snacks flavours are halal.

Q 4: How many Eureka Snacks outlets are there currently?

A: Even though Eureka Snacks continues to gain popularity around the world, at the moment, there are 23 outlets in Malaysia, 6 outlets in Singapore, 3 outlets in Indonesia and 2 outlets in Hong Kong. In addition, Saudi Arabia offers 3 outlets and United Arab Emirates also has an outlet. And counting :)

Q 5: I'm craving for my favorite Eureka Snacks, but it's past midnight and the shops are closed. Help?

A: No problem, vending machines to the rescue. Have a look here to see which vending machine is nearest to you. Happy snacking :)

Q 6: So what's a "mushroom" popcorn exactly?

A: Basically, there are two popcorn types, i.e. Butterfly popcorn and Mushroom popcorn. Most cinemas, for example, tend to sell the butterfly type, altough this popcorn is randomly shaped. Whilst there's no accounting for taste, mushroom popcorn on the other hand, by its very nature, is more evenly and more spherical in shape, which gives this popcorn a more enjoyable so-called "mouthfeel". Typically, mushroom popcorn also receives higher marks for taste. Just sayin' :)

Q 7: I think Eureka Snacks make for awesome fun giveaways, but I like giving more than one flavour at a time. Are there any 3-in-1 packs available?

A: Yes, Eureka Snacks come in a number of combo packs. Make sure you keep a lookout, because new fun combination packs are coming out all the time.

Q 8: What's this GMO and non-GMO I keep hearing about?

A: GMO is an abbreviation for genetically modified organism. This means that the product in question, be it of animal or plant origin, has had its genetic makeup amended in the lab, usually to enhance one feature or another, rendering that plant or animal different from how it comes about in nature. This, by extension, then also applies to the food item derived from it. Now, to each his or her own, but just FYI, Eureka Snacks are free of transfat, free of preservatives and only contain popcorn from non-GMO maize sources. Guilt-free comfort food, yay :)

Q 9: What about the other Eureka Snacks products?

A: Eureka Snacks is committed to use nothing but the finest ingredients for the entire line of Eureka Snacks treats available. In fact, Eureka Snacks remains dedicated to strive for ever-higher quality ingredients. After all, Eureka Snacks = Happy snacking.

Q 10: I want to get my department some munchies during our teambuilding trip. Do Eureka Snacks come in handy mini-packets too?

A: Yes, Eureka Snacks are available in convenient mini-packs. These wee packets are ideal if you want to get your colleagues or your pupils a great snack that's not only ever so yummy, but affordable too.

Bonus Question I'm wondering how I can keep my Eureka Snacks fresh, given the way Eureka Snacks are made without adding preservatives. I'm asking this on the off-chance that I don't finish up the entire packet :)

A: Valid question. Eureka Snacks will retain their crunchy freshness for at least several weeks. That said, you do need to ensure the unfinished packet is sealed off properly, preventing any air or moisture from entering during storage. Bottom line, perhaps it's best not to wait too long before polishing off your snacks.

Extra Bonus Question I'm looking for a memorable snack gift for a dear friend. Are there any limited edition Eureka Snacks flavours available?

A: Yes. Check out the extraordinary Eureka Snacks flavours that are released for a limited time every so often. One of the recent special flavours is Famous Amos Cookies Popcorn. Deliciously crunchy popcorn, exceptional quality white chocolate and Famous Amos cookie crumbs. Life's gooood.

Any more questions about Eureka Snacks? Let us know here.
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