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National Day is on! Order your National Day snacks today!
Past midnight and past shops' closing time? Fret not, there's bound to be a Eureka Snacks vending machine nearby. This real-time list will help you locate yours in a jiffy
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Of Movies & Popcorn

Picture the scene: You've been looking forward all week to your Netflix weekend, 2 full days and nights of binge-watching the best entertainment this awesome streaming channel has to offer, yay!

But uh-oh... you just realized that you've completely forgotten to stock up on your favorite movie munchies and it's already past midnight! Worse, all the shops near your house have already shut and you haven't got a single kernel of popcorn left!

Argggg! Major bummer, because, let's face it, you can't watch movies without popcorn. That's like rock without roll, or fish without chips, or Romeo without Juliet. Ok, you get it.

Either way, unfortunately, it looks like your weekend of box office joy will have to be postponed to next week :(

Vending machines to the rescue

But wait! Earlier that week, you happen to have overheard your friends mention something about vending machines with super-yummie popcorn flavours. It looks like the people of Eureka Snacks had the foresight to distribute a number of vending machines for your very predicament.

So go ahead, fire up your Netflix account, because the fun. Is. On.

Check out here where you can find the Eureka Snacks vending machines in Taiwan

This Christmas, best order your snacks as early as possible