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A great way to top up your dwindling stash of Eureka Snacks is to swing by one of the nifty Eureka Snacks snackbars that have popped up here and there. After all, why meander through shop aisles endlesly, searching for your favorite munchies, when you can just hit and run at a happening snackbar.

Before you know it, you're back home savouring your munchies.

Best of all, Eureka Snacks snackbars tend to have the complete range of goodies available at all time. Not to mention frequent promos, like awesome value combo packs. Oh, and watch out those always in-demand limited edition snacks.

All of the above - and more - at a Eureka Snacks snackbar near you :)

A Eureka Snacks snackbar near you

Check out the full listing on all Eureka Snacks snackbar in Saudi Arabia:

Red Sea Shopping Mall,
Jeddah City,
King Road, 21146
Saudi Arabia.

Al-Arab Shopping Mall, Second Floor,
Jeddah City,
Madinah Road, 23532
Saudi Arabia.

Al-Noor Shopping Mall, First Floor,
Almadina Almwnawarh City,
King Abdullah Ring Road, 42331
Saudi Arabia.

And off course there's always the easy way to get your Eureka Snacks fix: shop online!

This Christmas, best order your snacks as early as possible