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Wondering why Eureka Snacks Popcorn tastes so much yummier than the popcorn you get at the cinema?

To answer this, you need to first know that, generally, popcorn is divided into two types: mushroom popcorn and butterfly popcorn. In a nutshell, these names refer to the popcorn's shape after they've been popped.

Mushroom popcorn has a nice even shape, round like a feather-light, fluffy marble, whereas butterfly popcorn has a more irregular shape. In other words, whilst mushroom popcorn is almost perfectly spherical after popping, butterfly popcorns pop in a more random fashion.

Ok, no problem, you might say. However, the consequence of butterfly popcorn's random shape is that this kind of popcorn is next to impossible to flavour evenly. How so? Well, during the application, the flavouring tends to collect in the nooks and crannies and this, in turn, leads to a less than satisfying taste experience. Some parts of the popcorn tastes bland whilst other bits are flavoured a little too much.

Additionally, when it comes to mouthfeel sensation, popcorn fans are unanimous about the way round mushroom popcorn easily beats the sharper, more jagged butterfly popcorn.

So can you guess which kind of popcorn you're going to get when you're about to indulge into your Eureka Snacks Popcorn? That's right, Eureka Snacks Popcorn is made exclusively from perfectly round mushroom popcorn. Perfectly flavoured and perfectly yummie.

After all, it's not for nothing that Eureka Snacks Popcorn is called gourmet popcorn.

Want to know the other differences between gourmet popcorn and regular popcorn? Click here for a side-by-side comparison.

By the way, hot-fact: these are Eureka Snacks' Top 5 Hot Sellers:

#1 Butter Caramel Popcorn
#2 Dark Choc Popcorn
#3 Cheese Popcorn
#4 Tomato Popcorn
#5 CuiCui Mini Popiah Rolls

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