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This is why Eureka Snacks Popcorn is known as Gourmet popcorn: For one, Eureka Snacks Popcorn is hand-made from prime quality corn. And your taste buds can tell.
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Why Eureka Snacks Popcorn is known as Gourmet Popcorn.

Bestowing Eureka Snacks with the "Gourmet" accolade is not just a marketing ploy. How so? Read on.

Regular popcorn, i.e. the kind that you get from the supermarket or at cinemas, is typically mass-produced, usually in a factory-type setting. In most cases, the manufacturing process results in very large batches and involves the addition of preservatives and other chemical additives so as to increase shelf life. Incidentally, more often than not, the raw popcorn kernels that are intended for microwave use at home contain similar levels of preservatives.

Gourmet Popcorn

On the other hand, Eureka Snacks Popcorn is made with plenty of TLC. In fact, all Eureka Snacks Popcorn is still made by hand, rather unique in this day and age of full-on automation. Not only that, but the batches of the various Eureka Snacks flavours produced tend to be more modest in size, befitting an artisan. Best of all, only natural ingredients are used during the production process; no artificial preservatives are added. How cool is that?

But there's more.

It's not commonly known but there are two main types of popcorn: mushroom popcorn and butterfly popcorn. They are referred to by these labels due to their shape after they've popped. Mushroom popcorn is actually quite pretty, with each original kernel giving rise to almost perfectly round balls of yumminess that are all the same size.

Butterfly popcorn, on the other hand, tends to pop in a more haphazard fashion, resulting in random shapes and sizes, with sharp edges here and there. As such, butterfly popcorn is a cheaper raw material and hence the popcorn of choice for mass production.

No surprise then, that gourmet popcorn, including Eureka Snacks Popcorn, is made from the superior popcorn type, the nice and round mushroom type.

You see, apart from looking pretty, spherically-shaped popcorn has two other reasons it's so irresistable to popcorn aficionados. The first is the delightful mouthfeel sensation that round popcorn elicits. And the second is that each little ball of fluffiness has its flavouring applied completely evenly and at just the right amount. Butterfly popcorn, with all its nooks and crannies, is notorious for being flavoured somewhat more erratically

Now, you'll be forgiven if you think that this is where the difference between regular and gourmet popcorn ends. However, there are 3 other reasons why discerning popcorn-lovers get more blissful satisfaction from gourmet popcorn.

Flavours, flavours everywhere...

Gourmet popcorn comes in many more flavours than regular popcorn. And new exciting off-the-wall flavours are conceived all the time. After all, variety is the spice of life, if you'll pardon the pun :)

Kernels, be gone

Ever kena one of those rock-hard unpopped kernel stones when munching on a bag of cinema or microwave popcorn? Quite the jaw-breaker I'm sure you'll agree. Well, you can munch down onto Eureka Snacks Popcorn to your heart's content, because all errant unpopped kernels are filtered out before packaging. And by the way, this also applies those pesky kernell remnants, the kind that are known to stick to regular popcorn. Bottom line: Eureka Snacks Popcorn is 100% crunchy fluffiness.

Halal & non-GMO

The halal certificate that Eureka Snacks Popcorn has earned itself and the fact that the corn used is exclusively from non-GMO and non-transfat sources are the icing on the cake.

Small wonder that Eureka Snacks Popcorn is Singapore's favorite popcorn. Guilt-free comfort food. Life's gooood :)

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